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ISE Manager Suite

Today’s diverse storage environments demand user-defined customization of the management interface. ISE Manager provides simple integration of multiple ISE systems, this web multiple virtualisation platforms, visit web and multiple host operating systems into logical management groups, letting you create dynamic performance-driven clouds. You have the power to customize your storage management to fit your needs and manage your storage—not your storage devices.

Each user-defined SAN group contains Ecosystem folders in Server View for VMware, Microsoft, Citrix, and Linux. This enables simple storage management across multiple technologies including physical hosts, clusters, vCenter servers, XenServer pools, Hyper-V clusters, all from one interface.

Tightly Integrated

With Server View, you can quickly provision and manage physical storage for Windows and Linux servers, as well as virtual storage in your Citrix, Hyper-V, and VMware infrastructure, and map the relationships between storage, servers, and VMs. You can initialize and format volumes—including specification of file system type, partition type, byte allocation size, and drive letter assignment—from one interface, with minimal clicks of the mouse.

Making IT Simple

ISE Manager integrates seamlessly with Citrix, Microsoft, and VMware, and creates a streamlined, compatible environment in which you can perform tasks quickly, with a few clicks or even just one click, rather than navigating multiple screens and clicking repeatedly. ISE Manager eliminates the need to switch between multiple tools and interfaces and even opens the door to incredible new functionality not available from the native operating interfaces. Some of these functions include setting multipath policies and allocation unit sizes during the creation of a datastore. ISE Manager dramatically reduces setup and management time for both physical and virtual storage.

Software That Works for You

ISE Manager has a number of features that keep your solution healthy, from volume through VM. There are automatic features that make sure multipathing is using the most optimized path. The “Fix It” button is also a significant tool to make sure your vSphere clusters have volume presentations to all node, so that vAdmins can be assured that their next vMotion will work every time. There are too many of these great features to list here, so let us know and we’ll be happy to list those features that will help you when you need it.

ISE Manager includes so many other great features, you will wish you had it for your other storage products. Some of these include:

  • Setup and monitoring of X-IO’s phone-home feature called ActiveWatch
  • Performance monitoring tools that let you watch in ISE Manager, or integrate with the Microsoft Windows Performance Monitor
  • Setup and configuration of X-Volume
  • A log collection interface that allows you to review, sort, and filter logs for all of the ISE storage systems in your datacenter